Trueman, Terry Shaver Rechargeable Washable Rotary Three-blade Electric Razor For Men


Three-blade independent floating, and high rotational speed silver Pd alloy motor, helps you shave quickly and thoroughly.

Low noise design, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others when using.

Intelligentbeard clamp-proof system, better response to battery status, and can make the motor speed stable even when the battery is low to avoid the
beard get stuck.

Spring type opening cover design with a button, just need to press the button, you can open the blade to clean, more convenient and no need to worry about missing the blade parts once removed.

Soft touch switch design, fast response, easy to start / stop it.

Waterproof design, IPX5 grade waterproof, the blade and the body can be rinsed with water(can’t be soaked in water), dry and wet shaving dual use,
easier to clean.

USB charging cable design, you can charge it by the computer, car charger and other electronic devices with USB charging port, more practical and convenient.

The blade is removable, easy to clean and replace the blade.

Smooth, mini size and the body can stand, easy to hold and store.

Rechargeable design, after 8 hours full charge, it can be used continuously for 60 minutes.